THE LITTLE FACE OF INDIAThe Biggest Talent Hunt in INDIA - Online Event

A great persona is never too young to shine their light on the world

Preliminary Level

Upon successful registration, children can participate in the preliminary round of ‘Little face of India’ which will comprise mainly of 3 parts.
Preliminary Rounds
  • Self-Introduction

Each child must make a 1-minute video where he or she gives us a brief fun and charming introduction about themselves.

  • Talent show

Each child must take a video of them performing a talent of their choice which they would like to showcase. Participants are free to display any talent that they enjoy and would love to perform

  • Fancy Ramp Walk

Similar to a fancy-dress competition, each child must take a video of them role playing a character, animal or thing of their choice backed by a costume and a ramp walk or gesture to enact the same.

Upload Your Video

The respective video for each section of the preliminary round can be submitted to the website via the link sent in the registration confirmation mail. The last date of video submission will be notified at a later date.

All the preliminary round videos of all the participants will be published on the website on the same day. All contestants will be notified of the date of publishing. Following this voting for the video entries will commence.

Public Voting System

A person/email-address can vote maximum once on a given video. Contestants can share the link to vote for them to others and each person who wishes to vote for a particular contestant simply enters their email and votes for their favorite contestant or video. We will be ensuring the legitimacy of every email used in the voting process to keep the voting system fair and devoid of malpractice.

Following this each participant receives a score which is calculated based on

  • Number of votes (participant receives 1 points for every 10 votes)
  • Our internal team and Judges will also be assessing the videos and will be giving additional marks to each entry based on performance.

The participants with the highest scores will be selected for the Zonal level of the competition and their names will be published on the website

Zonal Level

Children who have qualified from the preliminary round of ‘Little face of India’ will be allowed to register for the zonal level.

Interactive Webinar

Following the successful registration and payment for the zonal level of the event, children will be able to take part in the 3 rounds of the zonal level which will be conducted via a live interactive video meeting.

Zonal Rounds
  • Memory Test

Each child will be shown a number of images on the video screen for a fixed amount of time following which they will be asked memory related questions based on what they have seen. Like Find the hidden letter– Showing a picture on the screen for a certain time Kids need to find the hidden letter in the picture

*Maze game- the maze is a type of puzzle game where a player moves in complex and branched passages to find a particular target or location

  • Cook without a Flame

Each child will have to put up an entertaining live cooking show for the judges over the video meeting by preparing a dish of their choice. There must be no usage of a flame or gas stove for the cooking show.

  • General Knowledge quiz

The judging panel will conduct a short quiz comprised of general knowledge questions and points will be awarded based on questions answered correctly.


After the child has completed all 3 rounds , the judges will evaluate the participants from a particular zone based on their performance in each of the rounds and choose the winner for ‘Little Face of India’ from that Zone. The winner will then get to compete against all the other zonal level winners in the National level round to earn the title of ‘Little Face of India’

National Level

The Winners from the zonal levels will get to contest in the National level which is the final round of the event.
National Level Rounds
  • Plant a life

Each child must take a video of them planting a tree/plant sapling in a public area followed by a brief message to society on the importance of social and environmental responsibility. (Pre recorded Video, Date of Submission will be notified later)

  • Fashion Show

Each child must bring out their inner fashionista in a ramp walk live for the judges over video call. (Live Interactive Webinar)

  • Rapid Fire Q&A

The Fashion show round will be followed but some on the spot personality type questions from the judges over the video call. (Live Interactive Webinar). Rapid Fire Q&A rounds are

  1. Guess the sound-  play a number of sounds which they must try to identify.
  2. Virtual tours- Identify the tourist spot or  places of Interest shown on the screen.
  3. Identify the name of food items and its origin (Eg. Dosa from Karnataka).
  4. Identify the Art form and its origin. (Eg. Kathakali from Kerala)

Once all the rounds of the National level are completed ,the judges will evaluate every participant based on their performance following which the top male and female contestants will be crowned the title of ‘Little Face of India’ and awarded the cash prize.

  • The Top performer will be awarded the the title of ‘Little face of India’
  • Winners will receive an Advanced Personal ROBOT for kids as part of the title prize
  • All national Level participants will be awarded a certificate and a gift/medal.

Little Face of India

Little Face of India

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